Wisconsin Primary Election 2020

April 7, 2020. Milwaukee, WI. – On Monday, April 6th, Wisconsin governor Tony Evers made an executive decision to post-pone Wisconsin’s primary election to a later date due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. He cited that it was out of caution to protect citizens from spreading or contracting the virus. Within hours, the move was challenged by Robin Vos, Wisconsin’s state assembly speaker, and the case was brought to the state supreme court, where Ever’s move was swiftly rejected the very same night by the 5-2 majority conservative judges. 

These photos were taken at Riverside University High School, 1 of 5 polling locations that were open in the whole county. Despite the Republican efforts to thwart a clean and fair election, the voter turnout was jubilant given the circumstances. Progressive candidate for the state supreme court Jill Karofsky easily beat incumbent Dan Kelly, who was a appointed by former Republican Governor Scott Walker. In local elections, Mayor Tom Barrett beat challenger Lena Taylor and David Crowley won a very close race besting state senator Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive.

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